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Jake Boone Follows His Passion

By UCP Work, Inc. on Apr 07, 2015 at 03:18 PM in UCP WORK, Inc. Blog

Jacob Boone came to work for UCP WORK, Inc. in 2010 and it became quickly apparent to our Applied Abilities senior staff that they had found a heart-driven, hands-on employee ... a real keeper. With a BA in Psychology from CSUCI and prior experience working with adults with varying neurological and physical challenges, Jake came well equipped to handle the population served by our organization and he quickly moved to full-time status.

 In 2011, an opportunity presented itself for Jake to advance to a new position with our Donor Supported Programs (DSP) Department as a Program Coordinator/Facilitator. He took to this position “like a fish to water” according to DSP Director, Marty Kinrose. With responsibilities that included providing daily field trips for local Special Education classes, evening Adult Mentor Program outings and assistance with the Youth Mentor and Power Soccer Programs, Jake was fully immersed in his work and became a quick favorite of all of the program participants. Special Education teachers were continually amazed by his enthusiastic energy and willingness to aide their efforts to provide meaningful educational field trips for their students. During the holiday season Jake would dress up in his Santa Claus costume and, on his Harley Davidson motor cycle, would drive to many of the classes to hand out gifts and entertain the kids, as Santa. As Mentor Program Coordinator, Jake provided a core group of approximately fifty adults, some in their late teens, cultural and recreational experiences in the local communities and weekend trips to places like Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Magic Mountain, etc. that many are still talking about.

In the summer of 2013, DSP Director, Kinrose informed Jake of an opportunity to attain a Masters Degree in Special Education in just one year in an intensive program offered by UCSB. Jake completed the intensive Masters Degree program in 2014 at UCSB and was quickly hired as a special education high school teacher in the Fall of 2014 at Ventura High School.

Though we miss Jake, we continue to see him often when his class participates in our DSP Department’s free field trip program and he continues to stay in touch with many of the participants in our Mentor and Soccer Programs. Jake continues to follow his passion and many fortunate people will continue to benefit from his services.

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jennifer sills

That's great to hear. Glad he's still with us in some fashion!