MISSION: UCP WORK, Inc. is dedicated to providing services to residents of the Tri-Counties with developmental disabilities, so that they may work and live as contributing citizens within the community of their choice.

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Benefits to Employers - Employment Services Programs

Luis Working at Ralphs

Many industries have discovered the value of employing workers with disabilities, yet people with disabilities continue to be the most under-employed minority in the United States. UCP WORK, Inc. employs experts in the field of Employment Services, and through innovative approaches, our staff helps to increase competence, employability and confidence of job seekers with disabilities, while meeting the expectations of our partner employers. Businesses throughout Santa Barbara County have discovered that working with professionals in the field of job placement and on the job support, ensures a successful employee/employer relationship that enhances the workplace and ensures longevity and job satisfaction.

Individual Employment at Jeannine's Bakery

Persons with disabilities who are referred to the Employment Services Program, receive in-depth training in preparation for entering the workplace, and employers benefit by the following results:

  • Loyalty and commitment = longevity

  • Excellent attendance

  • Professionalism and positive workplace behavior

  • Positive attitude, good communication and customer service skills

  • Accountability and a sense of pride

  • Committed employees

  • Safe work habits

  • Decreased employee turnover

  • Ongoing support to ensure that employees wear work attire

  • Assistance with all manners of employee relations as needed

  • On-the-job training by a skilled coach

  • Employer Tax Breaks

UCP WORK, Inc. staff are available for sensitivity training with co-workers, as well as ADA assessments upon request.

Cullen Working at PRI

*Unlike temporary and employment agencies; services are provided AT NO CHARGE to our Partner Employers.

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