MISSION: UCP WORK, Inc. is dedicated to providing services to residents of the Tri-Counties with mental and/or physical disabilities, so that they may work and live independently as contributing citizens within the community of their choice.

Real Time Connection to Your Community

Group Supported Employment

Group Supported Employment

The Group Supported Employment Program brings people with similar interests and training needs together to fulfill contracts with public agencies and private companies. 

Here are three examples:

  • Santa Barbara Harbor Crew
    • This crew provides janitorial services for the City of Santa Barbara Waterfront Department.  It maintains the Santa Barbara Harbor 365 days a year and in the process, crew members receive skill building opportunities while working alongside city personnel.

  • Santa Barbara Art Works
    • This crew provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn the behind the scenes and every day workings of a fine art gallery while earning a wage.  Tasks include; establishing and maintaining inventory, sales, gallery set up and maintenance.   Gallery workers are supported by a job coach 100% of their work hours.

  • Alpha Thrift Store
    This crew provides retail support within the Santa Barbara Alpha Thrift store location. Tasks include; retail merchandising, sorting, inventory control, stocking, product and equipment repair, and maintenance.  Crew members are supported by a Job Coach that sets goals, oversees work areas, and helps to direct daily tasks.

In these supported work sites, the program’s participants benefit by learning the skills of a job, receiving the supervision and support of professional staff, working in a supported community atmosphere and earning a meaningful wage.

It is important to note that the success rate of placing people with significant disabilities in meaningful jobs is profound.  Ultimately, the goal is to assist people in freeing themselves from government-assisted living and in doing so taking full ownership in their lives.  The great news is…it is happening every day!