MISSION: UCP WORK, Inc. is dedicated to providing services to residents of the Tri-Counties with mental and/or physical disabilities, so that they may work and live independently as contributing citizens within the community of their choice.

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Leadership Team

Lori Anderson
President & Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Team Lori Anderson, President & CEO

Judy Linares
Executive Director
Leadership Team Judy Linares

Mahnaz Parhami
Director of Accounting
Leadership Team Mahnaz Parhami

Dharamesh Patel
Director of Human Resources
Leadership Team Dharamesh Patel

Kevin Smith
Director of Program Services
Leadership Team Kevin Smith

Jennifer Sills
Director of Independent & Supported Living Services - South
Leadership Team Jennifer Sills

Renee DeLauer
Director of Independent & Supported Living Services - North
Leadership Team Renee DeLauer

Matt Dursum
Director of Applied Abilities Program - South
Leadership Team Matt Dursum

Maria Prince
Director of Applied Abilities Programs - North
Leadership Team Maria Prince

Pam Holcombe
Director of Residential Services
Leadership Team Pam Holcombe

Rae van Seenus
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Leadership Team Rae van Seenus