MISSION: UCP WORK, Inc. is dedicated to providing services to residents of the Tri-Counties with mental and/or physical disabilities, so that they may work and live independently as contributing citizens within the community of their choice.

Confidence in knowing that over 90% of contributions is going directly to programs

Kathy Webb Executive Director

Kathy Webb
Executive Director

Kathy Webb, Executive Director of UCP WORK, Inc. has been with the organization since July of 2001. Kathy has worked in the field of human services since 1974 and has a significant background in the development of entrepreneurial ventures and vocational placement opportunities for adults with disabilities. 

Under Kathy’s leadership, the organization has expanded services throughout the Tri-Counties, offering a wider array of opportunities to both children and adults with disabilities.  “At every level of this organization, there is a sense that nothing is impossible; UCP WORK, Inc. embraces Life without Limits!”  In her spare time, Kathy loves to spend time with her husband and family, and volunteering. 

Mahnaz Parhami
Director of Accounting

Mahnaz Parhami
Director of Accounting

Mahnaz Parhami, Director of Accounting for UCP WORK, Inc., has been with the agency since February 11, 1991.  Mahnaz has a wealth of accounting and business administration experience (since 1976). Mahnaz holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Tehran, Iran, and is fluent in Farsi. Mahnaz has been a resident of California since 1990.

Dharamesh Patel Director of Human Resources

Dharamesh Patel
Director of Human Resources

Dharamesh Patel, Director of Human Resources, joined the organization in April of 2015.  Dharamesh is a graduate of California State University Hayward with a BS in Industrial Psychology.  He has worked in Human Resources in several different industries including retail, semi-conductor and water filtration. Dharamesh loves to support and inspire those that will be directly involved in the success of an organization. 

Dharamesh enjoys running, biking and swimming.  He dreams of completing an Ironman competition one day.  Dharamesh resides in Santa Maria with his wife and two children.

Judy Linares
Director of Program Services

Judy Linares
Director of Program Services

Judy Linares, Director of Program Services, has been with the organization since June of 1997. Judy is a graduate of Castleton State College with a BA in social work and sociology. Judy also has a Certification in Rehabilitation Administration from San Diego State University. Judy has been working with individuals with disabilities since 1994, and has acted as an advocate and volunteer on behalf of the population that we serve.

Matt Dursum Director of Applied Abilities South 

Matt Dursum

Director of Applied Abilities Programs  – South

Matt Dursum began working for UCP WORK, Inc. as a job coach in 2015. He was promoted to Manager of the Applied Abilities Program in 2016 and Program Director in July 2017. Under Matt’s leadership the UCP WORK, Inc. Applied Abilities Program has expanded vocational training with the addition of landscaping and janitorial crews along with new volunteer opportunities and gardening projects. Matt and his team continue to expand future endeavors that will creatively enhance the lives of the people we serve. Outside of UCP WORK, Inc. Matt enjoys volunteering, learning new languages, traveling, writing, surfing, and making music.

Jennifer Sills
Director of Supported Living Services – South

Jennifer Sills
Director of  Independent & Supported Living Services – South

Jennifer Sills is Director of Independent and Supported Living Services at UCP WORK, Inc. Jennifer started with UCP WORK, Inc. in April of 1997 as a residential counselor and has been Director of her current program since 2000. Jennifer enjoys her work, her dog and living in Santa Barbara.

Renee DeLauer-Director ISLS-SM 

Renee DeLauer
Director of  Independent & Supported Living Services – North

Renee DeLauer is celebrating her 20th Anniversary at UCP WORK, Inc.  Starting in 1999 as a job coach, Renee moved on from lead staff to house manager, coordinator and now Director of Supported Living Services.  Renee is well respected in the human services community, and a great team leader.  Renee and her team have embraced true person centered services and every day they are committed to supporting people so they may live independent lives.

Renee grew up in the Santa Maria Valley, and raised three beautiful daughters and now enjoys spending time with her three grandsons.

Maria Prince-Director of Applied Abilities North

Maria Prince
Director of Applied Abilities Programs  – North

Maria Prince, Director of Applied Abilities in Santa Maria, has been with the organization since May 2018. Maria has worked in the field of human services since 1993, and directed a large day program in northern San Luis Obispo County for 9 years, specializing in employment services. Maria has also spent the last 15 years working with children with autism in a behavioral program in Atascadero.

Maria is invested in supporting Applied Abilities program participants in meeting their individual goals and aspirations, while nurturing independence and full community participation.  In her spare time, Maria enjoys spending every possible moment with her beautiful granddaughter, Blake Olivia, camping with the family, and celebrating life!