MISSION: UCP WORK, Inc. is dedicated to providing services to residents of the Tri-Counties with mental and/or physical disabilities, so that they may work and live independently as contributing citizens within the community of their choice.

Confidence in knowing that over 90% of contributions is going directly to programs

Person Centered Services Through the Applied Abilities Program

Person Centered Services Through the Applied Abilities Program

The Applied Abilities Program is much more than a springboard for community work. This program was designed several years ago with the philosophy that each individual has unique attributes (abilities), preferences and goals and as an organization/staff and program, we will celebrate those unique attributes by providing life experiences that are designed around the person. On a daily basis, each program participant is given a menu of services to choose from, some of these services are:

  • Accessing Community Resources
    • Using public transportation
    • Adult Education courses
    • City Parks and Recreation sponsored events/classes
    • Understanding your City
    • Volunteerism
  • Advocacy
    • Legislators at a glance
    • Letter writing campaigns
    • Civic responsibility
    • People First facilitated advocacy meetings
  • Educational Opportunities
    • Studies of diverse cultures
    • Government impact and issues
    • Current events (including world and local events)
    • Community Access
      • Mobility training
      • Resources
      • Housing assistance
      • Legal assistance
    • Art Therapy
    • Art Appreciation & Application
      • Ceramics hand building and pottery wheel
      • Painting – water color/oil
      • Jewelry making
      • Drawing
      • Museum and Gallery tours
  • Health and Wellness
    • Hiking
    • Healthy meal planning
    • Cooking
    • Diabetes awareness and life style change
    • Heart disease and high cholesterol education
    • Human sexuality
    • Body mechanics/ergonomics
    • Group yoga
    • Individual yoga, stretching and massage
    • Rhythm Arts Project – drumming for empowerment
  • Social Enrichment
    • Fishing with friends
    • Price comparison shopping
    • Hiking
    • Power walking
    • Basketball
    • Frisbee golf
    • Adopt-a-Block

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