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Staff Spotlight: New Case Manager in Santa Barbara, Samantha Demangate

By Rae van Seenus on Sep 09, 2019 at 06:33 AM in UCP WORK, Inc. Blog

Today's UCP WORK, Inc. Staff Spotlight is on Samantha Demangate, new Case Manager, at Applied Abilities Program in the Westside Neighborhood Center, Santa Barbara location. She is responsible for assisting, developing and achieving the goals of all persons served in the agency's South County area. 

Where are you originally from?  

Born and raised in Santa Barbara County, I spent most of my childhood in the Santa Ynez Valley.


What’s your position at UCP WORK, Inc.? 

I am Santa Barbara’s Case Manager. I am here to assist in developing and achieving the goals of all persons served.


What other positions have you had with the agency? Or what were you doing before this new position?

I first started as a Job Coach for our Applied Abilities Program with UCP WORK, Inc. I love to support the people we serve in our community. 

Prior to UCP WORK, Inc., I owned and operated a local children’s entertainment company and worked closely with my community teaching theater, dance, and various arts.


What is it you like best about the type of work you do? 

The most rewarding aspect of this type of work for me is seeing those that we support thrive in the community.  Also, I have met the most incredible people through this work, and I am very happy to be a part of their lives!


Briefly describe a work story that really made a difference in your own or another person’s life? It doesn't have to be a story from work within UCP WORK, Inc. 

My favorite aspect of working with people is having the privilege to witness their progress. Teaching dance, for example, taught both my students and I the value of patience. Frequently, students would become frustrated when they didn't perform difficult combinations well.  Together, we would breakdown each piece until they were comfortable. It would take weeks, months, sometimes even longer.  What once seemed daunting and impossible, was soon being performed with ease, and without a second thought. Watching them light up once they realized their accomplishments, impacted and inspired me greatly.  students taught me more than anything. I carry that patience and apply it to all my goals.

Do you have a favorite quote, special talent, favorite hobby, or anything else you would like to share about yourself?

I absolutely adore singing and dancing. I studied and trained in dance for 14 years and loved every second of it! Anything that involves music makes me happy. In my free time, I love to hike and be out in nature as much as possible.

Thank you Samantha -- We are proud to have you on the Santa Barbara UCP WORK, Inc. Team!

Staff Spotlight: New Case Manager in Santa Barbara, Samantha Demangate