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Artist Thrives with In-Home Alternative Art Services

By Rae van Seenus on Mar 03, 2021 at 05:02 PM in UCP WORK, Inc. Blog

Lynette Fryklund is Santa Barbara Art Works newest student and part of the community integrated arts program through UCP WORK, Inc.

Before the pandemic started last year, she was a bit reluctant to taking art classes inside the studio and eventually warmed up to taking caricature drawing class with her peers at least once a week.  But over the course of the COVID-19 crisis, something in Lynette has changed while sheltering in place – According to her job coach who supports her four days a week, Lynette is thriving and is motivated to create her artwork 3-4 hours a day.  She now actively participates in the studio’s art classes on Zoom using a new tablet gifted from a UCP WORK, Inc. case manager. 

“Lynette is meticulous, has a really good eye for detail, and works hard to make her drawings look very realistic,” shares job coach, Martha Mann.  

Drawing of an Old West saloon like building that is colored in browns and tan, by artist Lynette Frylund

Santa Barbara Art Works encourages artists to develop their artistic style at their own pace and ability. But Lynette’s level of work has transformed rather quickly -- from simple pencil sketches to detailed multi-colored two-dimensional studies of Victorian homes, barns, and churches.  “She likes the Old West and draws from photos that I print out for her each week.  She chooses the image that inspires her,” says Martha. 

Drawing of a church with a large steeple, colored in red tones with a white picket fence and green grass hill in the background

As a child, Lynette loved to create art, but life got busy with work and she didn’t have the time.  A year ago, she noticed some wallpaper at her brother’s home with drawings of old houses and cars. Lynette thought, “I would like to try to learn how to draw those," and soon realized how much she missed art.  She started taking classes at Santa Barbara Art Works and has been eager to create ever since. 

Drawing of a brown and white horse pulling a white buggy with a person with a white shirt and grey vest at the reigns, and a bride and groom sitting inside, there are green trees in the background
Drawing of a barn colored in shades of brown, red, and black, there is a white and black spotted cow standing on green grass in the foreground and a bright blue sky in the background

Discover more of Lynette’s artwork as the featured artist in the gallery's March, 2021, virtual artist exhibition.  More details about this art show coming soon. Find Lynette’s bio and portfolio of available artwork at