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A Day in the Life of Artist Scott Ryker

By Rae van Seenus on Mar 26, 2021 at 08:48 AM in UCP WORK, Inc. Blog

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Scott Ryker started attending classes at Santa Barbara Art Works studio-gallery in 2019, not aware that art would make a profound difference in his life.  He has always been a creative person and active in his day program activities, such as prepping food in Wednesday’s cooking class and gardening in the program’s landscape crew.  But when Scott began using professional art supplies and learning to paint and draw, the practice of artmaking came naturally for him and it shows.  He has a brilliant style of drawing quick organic shapes and then filling them in with opaque layers of paint or pastels, creating beautifully inventive abstract compositions

A Day in the Life of Artist Scott Ryker

“Scott is gifted in pulling together line, shape, texture, color, and value, to create harmony and balance in his work,” shares Studio Manager, Jacob Allio.


A Day in the Life of Artist Scott Ryker

When asked what inspires his paintings, Scott replied, “My art reminds me of my mom and my sister…I like to do art with my sister when she visits.”


Watercolor landscape painting by artist Scott Ryker

Due to the global pandemic, which included temporary closures for both the art studio and the UCP WORK, Inc. day program, Scott had to reinvent the way he learns.  From home, he currently takes painting and drawing classes on Zoom three times a week and has learned construction work with the support of his job coach, Stacy Salcido, and her husband.  Together, they have taught Scott how to build a mini-bowling alley for his backyard, a wooden bench, and converted an old truck into a camper. 


A Day in the Life of Artist Scott Ryker

“I love working with my hands,” shares Scott.  “I miss friends and going to the art studio, but I’m busy sanding and building things.”


Acrylic abstract painting by artist Scott Ryker

When he is not creating art, Scott enjoys participating in virtual events with the Santa Barbara Special Olympics and he still savors his time learning to cook and plan healthy dishes with his staff. 


To learn more about Scott Ryker and to view his art portfolio, visit