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Key Advantages of Advancing Technology for Case Management

By Rae van Seenus on Apr 07, 2021 at 02:02 PM in UCP WORK, Inc. Blog

In the Summer of 2020, UCP WORK, Inc. was awarded a generous grant from The Towbes Foundation for the purpose of advancing technology and improving overall efficiency of UCP WORK, Inc's case management system.  The grant allowed us to acquire 26 new iPad mobile devices that work to streamline the data process for our participants’ Individual Service Plans (ISPs), plus the devices help to eliminate excess paperwork and the need for staff to return to the office for data entry and reporting.  The biggest advantage is that mobile devices enable our staff to collect information, track goals, and generate reports while at a person’s home or out within the community.


Now our direct support staff have the advantage of tracking an individual’s personal preferences, health, medication, progress and goals, all while in real-time. Good record keeping is fundamentally important to ensure that we have up-to-date information on each person that we serve,” shares Kevin Smith, Director of Program Services. 

“Thank you to Towbes for this gift – it’s been a real game-changer for our team.”


UCP WORK, Inc. strongly believes that the utilization of wireless networks may prove to be valuable tools in improving its service-delivery by significantly increasing productivity and enhancing time spent by staff with the individuals they support.  In prior years, staff were required to leave the program and return to their office to complete required paperwork, using pen and paper, sometimes taking more than two hours to finish.


“With the integration of new mobile devices, staff get to enjoy more time caring for the people they serve and are given the advantage of having pertinent information at their fingertips”, shares Executive Director, Judy Linares. 

“It’s been a huge improvement to overall workflow and communication amongst staff and leadership, plus they absolutely love it!”


In addition to improving its case management process, UCP WORK, Inc. is utilizing the new iPads to enhance staff training.  Direct support staff are given the opportunity to take disability-specific skills training that are presented via an online learning platform, Relias, and viewable remotely.  This method of training delivers a variety of competency-based courses and ensures that staff have the knowledge and skills they need to provide excellent person-centered care


Click the link for more information about UCP WORK, Inc. services.  If you’re interested in working with us in a Case Management or Direct Support position, please visit Employment or email [email protected].


About The Towbes Foundation

Philanthropy is integral to the core business practices of The Towbes Group, located in Santa Barbara, California, which is committed to giving back to the local community and helping the environment in meaningful ways through its philanthropic arm – The Towbes Foundation.  The Foundation currently offers a Give Where You Live program, and Towbes Grants which support community organizations making an impact in four key areas – community and environmental stewardship, children’s health and well-being, education and enrichment, and adult health and wellbeing.  Established in 1980, The Towbes Foundation has given nearly $10 million dollars in vital support to local charities over the past 10 years.