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Benefits to People with Disabilities

UCP WORK, Inc. provides person-centered services that are highly beneficial to individuals with disabilities, by designing programs that are tailored to meet each individual’s unique interests and needs. As an organization, we have created a culture that stays current with the trends, and we remain committed to exploring new avenues that connect citizens with disabilities to their community of choice.

Independent & Supported Living Services

Through Independent & Supported Living Services, people receive an in depth assessment to identify and outline the expectations and needs of the individual who is seeking support. The program recognizes what is most important to the individual and perhaps, what is important for that person in order to live a safe, successful and independent life. Supported Living recipients take an active role in choosing their staff, where they would like to live and if necessary, with whom. Individuals are offered a variety of training, based on their particular needs; whether it is basic housekeeping skills, or perhaps banking or menu planning and budgeting.

Residential Services

In Residential Services, the agency provides a more structured, yet person centered environment in four different homes located in the Santa Maria Valley – each home offers individuals their own room and privacy is honored, as is choice; the intent of the homes is to promote a move towards increased independence. Individuals who live in Residential Services have an extremely active lifestyle, as they are offered a vast assortment of activities in the community. Each home is equipped with highly skilled support staff and a van for daily outings as well as other transportation services.

Behavior Day Programs

The Applied Abilities Programs (Behavior Day Programs) are located in both Santa Barbara and Santa Maria and these unique; community/facility based programs offer a tremendous amount of opportunities for real time connection to the community. The programs provide work experience/readiness opportunities, where individuals are able to earn a meaningful income. The programs offer training in: clerical services, landscape maintenance, painting, auto detailing, retail and more! In addition, the programs offer classes in art appreciation, arts and crafts, health and wellness, yoga, dance, poetry and journalism, as well as discussing current events, rhythmic arts, healthy relationships and self-advocacy.

Individual Employment Services

There are many benefits to gainful employment, and through Individual Employment Services, individuals will discover that they have skills in areas that will be of value to local employers. Through External Situational Assessments, individuals will have an opportunity to work with a job coach as they explore different work settings, and through Work Adjustment Services, job-seekers will be able to gain important skills at local participating businesses (City of Santa Barbara and Cottage Health Systems). In Group Supported Employment, individuals will benefit from working with a team in a fully inclusive work setting, while gaining important skills.

Business Support Services

Although many of us choose to work for others, there are some who have an entrepreneurial spirit, and through Business Support Services, UCP WORK, Inc. supports people in owning and operating their own business – our team of business experts provides ongoing technical support to ensure success for even the smallest venture. The Sundial Gallery and Studio, offers local artists the opportunity to create marketable works of art, which is then promoted through the Sundial Gallery, where the artisans may represent and sell their work.

Youth Services

Family members can rest easy that we are invested in providing the highest quality services; in fact, we begin to familiarize parents with our programs while their children are very young through our Children's Community Integration Program. UCP WORK, Inc. provides specialized yoga for children with disabilities, transportation for special education classes on a weekly basis, youth mentor groups where we nurture friendships amongst children and family members, plus education and resources.

UCP WORK, Inc. offers programs that truly benefit everyone: persons with disabilities, their families and the community.