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Braided Services 

Braided Services

UCP WORK, Inc. Braided Services provide individuals with creative vocational day services that nurtures individual skills and abilities, leading to integrative and competitive employment.  The program will focus on pre-employment skills training, soft skills training and community integration, including paid and volunteer opportunities. Braided Services is part of the Applied Abilities Day Programs and works as an employment-focused extension of the already extensive services we provide.

Braided Services

How Braided Services benefits the business owner/manager:

  • UCP WORK, Inc. Employment Specialist meets with the business to gain a clear understanding of their needs.

  • UCP WORK, Inc. provides a skilled Job Coach to accompany the intern to the worksite everyday.

  • The Job Coach will work collaboratively with the business to ensure that the intern is meeting their expectations.

  • The Job Coach will support the intern in all aspects of understanding their job. 

  • The Job Coach is an employee of UCP WORK, Inc. and fully insured and bonded.

  • The intern is paid by UCP WORK, Inc. and covered under UCP WORK, Inc. worker's comp. 

  • There is no cost/fees to the business and no time commitment/contract. 
Braided Services

A huge benefit to the Partner Employers in our Braided Services is that they are contributing to a person's future sucess in finding the perfect job.  At the same time, the business may find the perfect employee. 

For more information about Braided Services, contact Director of Program Services, Kevin Smith at [email protected]