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I Love My Job and I’m Making a Difference
Meghan Donovan

Life During 2020 Pandemic

Alvie wearing a dark green shirt and face mask holding a white towel and standing in a grocery aisle of Spencer's Market where he works
Harbor Crew member in bathroom stall with face mask and gloves on mopping the floors
Harbor Crew member in bathroom with face mask and gloves on wiping down a sink
two women case managers holding grocery bags and standing in front of white van
Mireille sitting in the drivers seat of white van wearing face masks and blue gloves
man standing behind an open door of white van holding grocery bags and wearing face mask
man wearing face mask and hat holding up a red goody bag that was distributed to participants during pandemic
man in white shirt and face mask standing outside on a bridge feeding ducks with pond in the background
man in blue shirt and face mask below his chin sitting at table assembling a potted plant
Terry wearing brown sweatshirt and cap and blue gloves assembling potted plants outside at table
Matt standing next to open doors of white van wearing face mask and holding up two full grocery bags
Harbor Crew member wearing UCP WORK, Inc. shirt and face mask holding up bottle of cleaner
Doug wearing maroon shirt and holding seeds and planting in a pot outside
man sitting in car with blue face mask on and holding hand up near face
man in dark sweatshirt and face mask holding a red basket of coloring books and other activities inside his home
two men in face masks standing inside their home holding PPE supplies
woman in bright green shirt and yellow pants and face mask sitting on hay and holding a bunch of sunflowers
Jennifer dressed up as Minnie Mouse wearing face mask and gloves standing outside on lawn
Tim standing in kitchen wearing red shirt and face mask cutting and preparing food
Sarah wearing a light pink shirt and glasses and makeup and smiling at the camera
four men wearing face masks standing outside and in front of a large sculpture
Michael Gurney smiling at the camera and holding a Happy Birthday sign for his mom
Hugo and Jesse wearing face masks and blue caps and Jesse giving peace sign
three men wearing face masks and leaning up against a whale sculpture at Chase Palm Park
Brooke wearing an emerald green shirt and holding a can of soup that she's spooning into a crockpot